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It seems like I’ve heard the concept of touch points, and customer life cycles come up A LOT recently. It’s always been “a thing”, and has been used for years. Especially in this digital age, there are so many more ways to either “blindly” reach out to customers in where we “think” they are in their life cycle, but also in many cases, where we KNOW they are in their life cycle. As creepy, and often times invasive as it is, the internet really does know almost every step that an online consumer takes.

I’ve already mentioned the downside, which is the creepy big brother factor. The upside however is pretty amazing, from a standpoint of a marketer. As a marketer, you have a couple of job responsibilities that all revolve around making sure your product (and all the selling points) are known to your prospective buyers. With that being said, your ultimate goal is to get a product in front of that potential buyer at the very time, and very place that said prospective buyer is ready to pull the trigger. The difficulty in that varies by product, industry, etc…. In today’s digital buying world, it has become that much easier to identify just where and when we should be displaying, or offering these products up to the potential consumers.

The other component here is Leads. In the vast majority of industries, leads are hard to come by. Whether it’s retail, financial, or a wide variety of other verticals, companies fight tooth and nail for these leads. There’s no doubt there’s value in fighting for these new leads (that conversation can be for another day), but the best way to find leads is to not have to go looking for new leads at all. What? That sounds straight up silly, right? All I’m really saying is that most companies offer more than one product. Grocery stores offer produce, meat, snacks……..and my favorite on a Friday night after a long week, alcohol. Banks offer, mortgages, auto loans, investment options, etc… When someone is already a customer of yours, you are able to find out even more about them than anyone else. Use that information to communicate to your EXISTING customers at the right times, and in the right places. No one wants to have do business at 5 different banks to purchase five different financial products. No one wants to go to five different stores to purchase five different types of grocery products. And because they don’t want to, they often don’t. So now what we have here is an existing customer, who WANTS to keep their business with you.

Sounds good……so where does this leave us. Well it leaves us right back to the start of this conversation, which was discussing customer touch points. Take the time to identify unique ways to not only reach out to your existing customers at the right times, but also in the right ways. Silver6 works in Personalized Video. I’m not saying the ONLY way you should communicate with your customers is by Personalized Video (although we’ll gladly help you do that), but what I’m saying is that communicating via Personalized Video can, and should be a part of that equation. Not only is it unique, and stands out amongst the other text emails or direct mail pieces, but it also allows you to easily explain a complex message to a user that you normally wouldn’t be able to convey….. or at least not effectively. Pay attention to your customers, their patterns, touch points; and identify new, unique, and more effective ways to communicate with them.

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