How does it work?

This is the question most often asked during demonstrations of the Silver6 personalized video platform. The answer is both complicated and simple…

First let’s get the complicated out of the way. The backbone of the Silver6 video productions system is data protected by security. The videos can include personal, and in many cases potentially confidential information about the recipient. Thus the reason we’ve just wrapped up the onsite portion of the SOC2 Type 1 compliancy evaluation, ensuring our video platform security is top notch.

Next is data integrity, because in order to produce a truly personal—and credible—video experience, the information in each video must be accurate. We won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty details, just suffice it to say the back end of our Silver6 video platform is setup to process mass quantities of data quickly and accurately.

Now let’s talk simple. Producing the videos is where things start to become simpler for those of us that are not software developers. Once the data is entered into the system (either through direct transfer or imported via Excel or CSV file) it is time to script the videos. Just think of this process as if you are creating a short movie. You (the user) decides when and how the content will be displayed throughout the video, and how the voice over will describe each element. Next comes the best part, when you are offered the ability to insert call outs that can deliver strategic upsell messages to the video viewer.

Finally, once each video is created and approved, it is ready for delivery. Again, it’s so simple…you decide how you want it delivered. You can deliver it through your email platform, we can do it for you through ours, it can even be displayed behind your authenticated and secure online portal. It can literally be delivered anyway you want it. Once the videos are delivered, you have immediate access to detailed analytics, including reports covering video views, heat maps showing the most watched portions of the video and many other pieces of measurable data.

It’s time for an example: A financial services company has decided to increase engagement amongst their 401K clients by replacing emailed and mailed statements with personalized videos. The video is setup to begin with an eye-catching, easy-to-understand bar graph, displaying the account balance and the projected balance at retirement. Next the video uses pie charts to visually recap account earnings from the past year, compared to industry averages. The video concludes with an upsell message, explaining how increasing the contribution by “X” percentage would result in an increase of “Y” dollars at retirement. Then the viewer receives simple instructions on how to increase their contribution. As for timing, the company decides to deliver updated video content quarterly.

Yes, Silver6 handles the complicated, so you can enjoy the simple! Are you ready to get started? Then simply get in touch with Silver6 today to schedule a free demonstration of our award-winning, personalized video platform.

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