The Power and Versatility of Personalized Video…

Video has established itself as the single most effective tool for engaging an audience online, and the preferred way to deliver messages by a growing majority of marketers. Why? Because video increases your organic search traffic, keeps customers engaged with your message longer, and most importantly, significantly improves conversion rates.   The ultimate power of video is it connects with the viewer’s emotional core in a way that allows them to identify with—and fully consume—the relevance of your content. Video is also extremely versatile, with the ability to be adapted to a variety of formats, while utilizing a broad range of creative content, including live motion, still photo streams, charts, graphs, and streaming sentences.

Using our firm grasp of video’s power and versatility, Silver6 engineers have built a personalized video product that works effectively across industries. This flexible video platform is already proven capable of creating extremely engaging, personalized videos for the following segments:

…for Financial Institutions

Personalized videos for financial institutions just make sense. The Silver6 platform allows companies to replace mailed or emailed statements with compelling video communications—personalized to each individual—that provide updates on account performance and opportunities to grow investments and/or reduce debt. This personalized video solution improves the user-experience for customers, while also providing the financial institution the ability to cross sell and upsell customers. You can take advantage of Silver6 personalized videos for 401K/retirement investments, mortgage and student loans, credit cards and other financial products that deliver periodic statements.

…for Real Estate

The home-buying process changed significantly in recent years. Gone are the days when shoppers would walk-through a significant number of homes before purchasing. Today’s home buyer instead first narrows their list by reviewing online listings. And no surprise: The listings that feature a video walk-through receive the most attention! Silver6 real estate listing videos are a win-win for buyers and agents alike, making shopping for a home faster and easier for the buyer, while increasing exposure for listed homes and thus decreasing time on the market for the agent/realty company.

…for Employee Benefits / Onboarding

Human resource professionals face the tough task of informing employees about company benefits during new employee onboarding and open enrollment periods. The reams and reams of paper can make it hard to keep employees engaged. By replacing the paper with Silver6’s personalized videos for communicating employee benefits / onboarding, you will improve understanding of benefits, and in doing, so increase participation. It’s another win-win, this time for both the employee and employer.

…for Fundraising

Improve your fundraising results by utilizing personalized videos from Silver6. The ability of video to more effectively engage your current and potential donors can deliver increased participation, and thus higher donation levels.

To learn more about how the power and versatility of the Silver6 personalized video product can help your business, contact us today to schedule a free demonstration. We will walk you through the platform and provide a video example personalized to your organization.

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