Lead Generation

Every business needs leads!  Depending on the industry, companies pay large amounts of money for these leads. When they’re not paying large amounts of money to third parties to generate these leads, they’re spending large amounts of money internally by way of employees, programs, etc… to generat their own.  This will never change, as leads are crucial to sales.  With that being said, the easiest way to lead, is someone whose already a customer.  What I mean by that is this.  If an individual currently a customer of yours, and assuming they’re satisfied with your services, why would’nt they be willing to purchase another product/service that you provide?  No one wants to have do business with four different companies, when they can potentially obtain these same products/services from one company.  It’s much more simple that way.  Most businesses already communicate with their existing customers.  Monthly statements and bills are the most common way they do this.  In both cases, recipients typically pay attention to this type of communication, because it directly affects them.  So if you’re already communicating with your current customers, and you’ve already engaged them, why not insert up-sells or cross-sells.  Companies spend millions of dollars simply trying to engage prospective customers.  You’ve already obtained that engagement……so capitalize on it.  The below are a few samples of ways companies can begin to engage their existing clients with statement type video messages, and then slowly, and warmly cross over into more of a sales goal.  You’ll be shocked by the increase success rate of this type of tactic.  Contact us today to see how we can increase your clients engagement level, and generate leads in the process.

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