Monthly Statements. Quarterly Statements. Annual Statements.  We all get them in the mail, or in some cases email. Most recipients are willing to take a look at them because afterall, it is their information.  In many cases, takes a quick look at the highlights.  Things like the balance in a bank account, total due and date due on a bill, etc….  Sometimes we only look at that basic information, because the rest is simply information overload.  It’s also possible we simply don’t understand all of the information.  What personalized videos allow a company to do, is send out that statment or bill in a video format.  Not only will this video be personalized to you by referencing things such as your name, but they’ll also show YOUR information, just like a normal statement.  What isn’t like a normal statement, are things like the graphics and friendly voice that help explain the document.  Not only do the graphics and audio help you to understand it better, but it also gives you comfort, similar to someone sitting down with you to walk you through it.  So what this personalized video has done is taken a basic statement which used to be only a tad engaging, and turned it into a true engaging experience.  But that’s not where things end.  Once you’ve gotten the recipients attention, this is the perfect time to transition from the explanation of a statement, to a cross sell or upsell into another product thats offered.  You’ve now taken a simple statement communication tool, and rolled it into a sales/marketing tool, without the customer barely even noticing.  Essentially a “soft sale” of sorts.  Check out some of our statement/bill samples below to see how we can potentially help your business!

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