Silver6’s revolutionary financial video platform helps companies deliver custom tailored communication to their audience by using video personalization. Data-driven, one-to-one video is the ultimate customer communication tool. Use Silver6 to create, host and track relevant, personalized video communications on a large scale – marketing messages, statements, reports, onboarding and much more. The system will help you engage your audience on a completely new level, and provide empirical data on your set of unique videos, proving the effectiveness of the Silver6 video personalization system. If you have the data, and you know the story you want to tell, Silver6 can make your brand stand apart!


Engage Your Audience
Promote Interaction
  • Send video content that is 100% unique to them. Use their data to engage them, and help them better understand the message that you’re trying to get across to them.
  • The video landing pages can be customized to each client/audience. Promote interaction by providing simply call to actions like email, chat, phone, online applications and more.
  • Custom the branding on your videos and landing pages by utilizing company logos, agent photos/names, contact us buttons, etc….
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Your Data and content provide the building blocks for creating true video personalization. Silver6 bring you leading-edge technology — supported by industry-leading professionals — to drive the integration engine.

Video Personalization

True Video Personalization draws the viewer into an informative, emotional and entertaining environment, creating a new and more effective way to communicate. Silver6 experts have the unique experience to make it happen.


Detailed Analytics track how your videos are performing, monitoring individual behavior and reporting results in real time. Silver6 provides expert insights on how to interpret this data, enabling continuous improvement.


The ultimate power of Silver6 video personalization is the like-never-before ability to integrate data with engaging video content to address your specific business communications’ objectives and needs. You define Success. We deliver.

Video Personalization
See the Difference

Below are screenshots from one video that was customized for three individual recipients. Notice the numbers and graphs all change automatically in the video. Click on them to view the entire video, and see first hand the personalized experience.

Who can use Silver6?
Marketing Messages
Increase the value of your current customers by providing them additional offers, or cross-selling them into other products you offer.
Many of your clients don’t understand the monthly/quarterly statements they receive. Help them! Utilize a video to explain all the important numbers and what they mean. You can even provide suggestions for ways to save money, or how you can get more for your money.
Provide your audience with monthly reports that break down the analytics they need to review. You no longer have to use a resource to spend their time putting these reports together………..let Silver6 do it for you.
Signing up for a new insurance plan or financial product is always a bit uneasy. Engage that new customer in the onboarding process by sending out a video message better explaining the main details of the product they’ve recently purchased.
Many More
If you have a message that needs to be communicated, Silver6 can effectively communicate it.
Listen to the analytics
Track views by location, time, device type, browser, etc....
Monitor the analytics and viewing habits on individual videos, or track them as a sum.
Use our heat maps to show what sections of the video were viewed more than others. Learn from that data to better understand what messages resonate with your audience for future usage.
Track opens, forwards, drop off rates, and many other audience habits.
How It Works
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When you partner with Silver6, our data and video experts will help you infuse your unique story with the power of data. You don’t need to learn anything new, we take your assets and your data – or we’ll help you create new stories from scratch – and then we push those assets and your data through our unique video engine, creating a few dozen or a few thousand personalized videos.

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