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More than almost any other industry or vertical, emotion ties into the reason consumers donate to fundraisers or non-profits.  Whether it’s the deep emotional attachment you have to your church, the great feeling of fulfillment when you donate to a non profit like the Red Cross or United Way, or the smile on a child’s face after you’ve decided to purchase cookies or popcorn to help support their school.  In some of these cases, you would’ve donated or purchased something simply because your love for a particular organization runs deep.  However in many of these, it’s that point of sale emotion that takes over and compels you to take action.  Rarely does a text email or direct mailer provide enough emotion to push you over the edge to commit.  Generally, hearing a person’s story that has been helped by an organization, or seeing a video depicting children that are going without, are what pulls on an individuals heart strings and pushes them to commit.  This is why so often you see large fundraisers on television, or kids from the local tball team going door to door.  It brings with it the emotion that is most likely to push you to purchase or donate. Personalized video allows you to reach out to people on a mass scale, without the extreme cost of hosting a telethon, but WITH the emotion that is needed to drive people to act.  You can include video messages in the video to build that emotion, then also incorporate other variable data points, like the recipients name, amount donated in past years, and many other items. Shoot us an email, or give us a call, and let us help you hit the kind of numbers you’re hoping for.

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