The onboarding of new customers, or new employees is extremely important because it truly sets the stage for the long term relationship. They say that perception is reality.  If you feel like you weren’t treated well or taken care of when you started a new job, or are a new customer, you’ll most likely have a ‘bad taste’ in your mouth about that particular company moving forward.  We realize that companies don’t always have the option to sit down and spend hours with new customers or employees, so let us help.  Creating a personalized video that is specific, and relevant to only that person, still creates that emotional tie-in that you can otherwise only obtain by sitting down and spending time with a person.  By all means, we suggest building that relationship as much as possible, in a face to face manner.  But when that just isn’t enough, send out a custom video that helps display the value of the relationship that you hope to develop with them.  Check out the below videos that each depict a different onboarding scenario.

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