The Evolution of Communication

It is 2016…new marketing technologies abound…one of the most unique being the Silver6 personalized video solution…positioning itself on the leading edge of this innovations firestorm. Just how did we get here? Let’s take a look back at the evolution of fundamental marketing communications/technologies: from direct mail, to email, and now to personalized video!

The year was 1775 when Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General. Fast forward almost two centuries to 1971, when the postal business was transformed into an agency of the U.S. government, receiving its name: the U.S. Postal Service. (Source: Wikipedia)

The very first Direct Mailing of customer account information began in the 1960’s, at the same time when computers were adopted at banks and other financial institutions. This enabled the mass production and mailing of periodic statements that could communicate account balances, earned interest, investment opportunities, profits / losses, and other critical customer account information.

Next came Email, a game-changing, technology-driven innovation born in the early 1970’s, then becoming prevalent by the early 1990’s, with the rise of commercial Internet Service Providers like AOL, who offered the service for free. By the turn of the millennium, the paperless revolution was in full swing as corporations realized they could save big money by reducing paper, and at the same time capitalize on the “environmental-friendly” public relations opportunity of “saving trees.” Nearly all customer communications previously mailed now had the capability to be transmitted via email.

Fast forward to 2016…and the personalized video age is upon us: First, most customers no longer prefer hard copy/mailed communication. Secondly, email remains an effective communications tool, serving primarily as the delivery vehicle that provides links for easy access to web-based content.   Finally—and most importantly—video has become customers’ preferred method for receiving information, as proven by video having now assumed the leadership position as the most consumed medium on the Internet. As a result, progressive-minded businesses—looking for the most engaging and effective means to communicate with their customers and employees—are looking to personalized video solutions companies like Silver6 to provide the personalized video content customers prefer.

Personalized Videos from Silver6 replaces boring and monotonous direct mail, and email-delivered PDF-based content, with a truly personalized, video content experience. These highly customizable videos provide all of the necessary customer account information along with strategically placed marketing call-outs. These call-outs make it easy for companies to upsell current customers via an engaging and entertaining format. These online videos also provide detailed analytics reports, that confirm the powerful engagement video provides: increased open rates, view rates and ultimately ROI from increased customer loyalty, and business growth from marketing upsells.

Silver6 personalized video solutions pay. And, getting started with Silver6 is easy – simply contact us today to schedule a free demo!

Benjamin Franklin had the vision when he helped establish the postal service, understanding it was absolutely necessary to create an efficient communications thoroughfare throughout our country. Little did he know that things would evolve to electronically-transferred, truly personal video messages!


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