Student Loan Statements

Personalized Video Delivers Highly Effective Student Loan Statements

If you are looking for a more efficient and effective way to communicate account information to your student loan customers, then you need to check out the Silver6 personalized video platform.   That’s because video has taken over as the most engaging, effective way to communicate. Thus by replacing the traditional e-mailed or mailed statements—with a truly personal video experience—your customers will be better informed of their student loan situation, and will feel more comfortable working with your organization, creating long term customer loyalty.

Silver6—already a leader in providing compelling personalized videos to deliver financial and mortgage information—has now built off of that technology to create a personalized video solution for delivering student loan statements. Our development team created a platform that now allows financial institutions to offer a superior experience for individuals with student loan debt, keeping them better informed of their account status, interest rates, and opportunities to save money.

Highly Engaging, Truly Personal

The Silver6 personalized video platform makes it easy for organizations to produce truly one-to-one communications with their large customer bases. All necessary data points—personalized to each individual customer—can be included in the videos in a multitude of engaging formats and techniques, including interactive bar graphs and pie charts. The Silver6 student loan video platform also includes a call-out feature making it easy to pinpoint major account changes and opportunities for the customer to improve their financial situation. For a student loan customer, such opportunities include loan consolidation, refinancing and/or shortening the term of the loan. These call-outs are highly engaging, providing improved customer understanding and comprehension. And, they provide financial institutions with up-sell opportunities matched to specific customer needs.

Easy-To-Use Student Loan Video Platform

Silver6 is most proud of the platform’s user-friendliness. And it’s fully customizable, making each video experience truly unique to the recipient. The Silver6 development team will work with your organization to ensure the system is set up exactly to your specific needs…our client service support staff will be with you every step of the way.

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Personalized videos from Silver6 are the most efficient and effective way to provide information to your customers regarding their student loan situation. Personalized video represents a true win-win situation: your customers receive an engaging, easy-to-digest video statement; your financial institution increases customer loyalty by providing a better communications experience for each customer, thus improving the opportunity for upselling customers to their specific needs. Get started with Silver6 by scheduling your free product demonstration today!

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