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Personalized Video Solutions

Streaming video content is the most engaging and consumed media on the Internet. The metrics overwhelming proves your customers are more likely to watch a short video than to read copy, analyze an infographic, or consume other types of content. With this in mind, the development team at Silver6 set out to build a personalized video product that would enable clients to communicate with customers using a unique video format, designed to engage, inform and upsell customers like never before.  Those efforts have resulted in an award-winning, state-of-the-art personalized video solution.

A Truly Personal Video Experience

Good quality video is the starting point. Then, to obtain the highest level of engagement, the video must contain information that is personal and relevant to the customer. This is where Silver6 stands above other video providers. The Silver 6 video platform can be customized to include all necessary data points provided in the format chosen by the client (line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and many more).  And, the Silver6 voice-over technology will format to fit any script. As a result, the Silver6 personalized video platform provides you with the ultimate flexibility in terms of video and voice-over formatting.

Increase Engagement, Increase Sales

The video personalization product solution from Silver6 will significantly increase customer engagement.  That’s because we take the personalized video solution to the next level, incorporating relevant messaging that is personalized to each customer’s specific situation.  Silver6 personalized videos can include marketing messages designed to upsell each individual customer. Here are a couple of examples:

  • A 401K report for “Customer A” might include an opportunity to increase his/her contribution, including projections as to what that increase would mean in portfolio growth over the long term.
  • A mortgage update for “Customer B” could include an offer to refinance, and include the projected interest savings over the life of the refinanced mortgage.

Bottom line: The ultimate goal for each video is to engage, inform, and potentially upsell.  Thus we counsel our clients on how to develop persuasive video content that communicates growth opportunities to your customers (and thus eliminating the need for a pushy sales pitch).

Create a user-friendly video platform, Generate real-time analytics

Getting started is easy:  Silver6 will work with you to understand your business goals, then using the available data, build the desired video platform to create a truly personal video experience for your customers. Once the platform is up and running, you’ll find the Silver6 system to be very user-friendly.  Detailed analytics is a key value delivered by the Silver6 platform:  the system provides real-time video performance reports—detailing the high levels of content engagement—and validating your investment.

The Silver6 personalized video technology will engage, inform and upsell your customers like never before.  To get started, contact us here to schedule a free demo.  We look forward to helping you take your customer communications and marketing efforts to the next level.

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