Employee Onboarding

Personalized Video for Human Resources and Employee Onboarding

The development team at Silver6 set out to create a personalized video platform that would provide fully-customizable videos to communicate benefit options during employee onboarding and benefits enrollment.  Those efforts have now resulted in an award-winning, state-of-the-art personalized video solution.  Using the Silver6 video platform, Business Owners and Human Resources managers can reduce paperwork and improve employee engagement and understanding by sharing this information in a video format. Employees will appreciate this personalized video content—compared to traditional text documents—and as a result they will better understand and retain your employee and company information, providing the foundation for a more engaged employee.

Customizable and Flexible

Silver6 can build videos for your Human Resources and Employee Onboarding needs that are easy to customize, providing excellent flexibility in how content is delivered. We will work with you to create easy-to-understand videos that clearly communicate employee benefits:  401K programs, company holidays-vacation-PTO, health insurance, revenue sharing…all the benefits you offer. Voice-over technology can be formatted to fit any script, making it easy to clearly communicate the significant value your benefits packages provide, and in doing so encourage employees to maximize their participation. This customized human resources and employee onboarding video platform is capable of laying out multiple benefit choices for each employee, thus ensuring employees are better informed.   As a result, employees will experience the peace-of-mind of knowing that they (and their family) can make the right choices, and are thus well taken care of by their employer.

Increase Employee Engagement, Improve Morale

The Silver6 personalized video platform maximizes the ability of video to engage the audience (your employees will prefer watching a customized video rather than reading a brochure). By implementing Silver6 video technology into your Human Resources and Employee onboarding and benefits enrollment process, your HR department can increase engagement amongst employees.  Employees will better understand your company’s benefits:  401K match and the importance of saving for retirement; Health insurance options; Vacation, PTO and sick time, and how these increase as employment duration increases.  By communicating these benefits more clearly and in a more engaging way, you will ensure employees understand and appreciate the added value working for your company can provide them—both short and long term—and in doing so increase morale and loyalty to your company.

Apply Silver6 Personalized Video Experience to Engage and Retain your Employees

The Silver6 personalized video technology will significantly improve the success of your Human Resources and Employee Onboarding efforts, engaging employees so they better understand and appreciate the benefits and value your company provides. To get started, contact us here to schedule a free demo.  We look forward to helping you take your Human Resources and Employee Onboarding efforts to the next level.

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