The connotation surrounding compliance forms generally isn’t very good.  They’re long, complex, and potentially quite boring to the recipient that has to review them.  However, many times these documents contain very important information. So how can a company get their customers to review the information in the compliance form, even though they know their clients are very unlikely to truly comprehend the information that resides in these documents?  It’s simple, and the answer is………  by video.  Companies can not only create a video that walks through all the highlights of the document, but they can also go into explanation so the recipient truly knows what the document means.  Depending on the compliance documents, the video can be a standard video sent out to everyone, or you can personalize components of it so that it can truly be a customized video walking the client through their documents.  Not only is this a great way to quickly and effectively have your customers review these important documents, but it also gives you yet another chance for branding and potentially cross selling into other products you might offer.  Contact us today to see how we can help you provide personalized compliance videos to your clients.

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