Bank and Credit Union customer onboarding

New Customer Onboarding For Financial Institutions

If you are a financial institution looking to significantly increase customer engagement and loyalty—beginning from Day 1 with your new customers—then Silver6 personalized video services can help. By replacing mailed or emailed on-boarding documents with compelling online video, you can engage your customers with account information, along with opportunities for growth. Personalized video—and the customer engagement power that comes with it—represents the ideal replacement for printed materials. And only Silver6 can provide you with this exclusive, award-winning video solution, designed specifically for financial services businesses: commercial banks, credit unions, insurance companies, investment banks and stock brokerages.

A Fully-Customizable Online Video Product

The Silver6 personalized video platform is fully-customizable, making it fast and easy to create a variety of videos with customized video content, relevant to each of your new customer segments. Our Silver6 development team will works with you to craft compelling messages and attention-grabbing graphical elements. These videos are “truly personal”, displaying your customers’ account information, interest rates, investment balances, etc. The result is a state-of-the-art communication tool that improves customer engagement, loyalty, and retention.

Engage, Inform, Even Upsell Customers

When you implement Silver6’s personalized video software for customer onboarding, you will ensure that your newest customers receive the ultimate customer experience, engaging them with a short video/content that is easy and enjoyable to digest, thus much more effective than emailing a pdf document, or mailing a printed piece. These personalized videos can re-introduce your firm to the customer, recap account details, inform about growth opportunities, even upsell the customer on other relevant products that may appeal to them.

The ROI Proof Is In Online Video Analytics

In addition to improving customer engagement, Silver6 personalized video solutions also provide real-time analytics. Silver6 analytics—generated on-the-go as the video is viewed—provide you with an accurate picture of open rates, total view rates (percentage that viewed the entire video) and clicks on marketing call-outs. This allows you to accurately measure overall engagement and quantify sales leads generated…thus enabling you to validate your investment, as well as further improve the impact and effectiveness of future video marketing efforts.

Get Started With Silver6 Personalized Video

Silver6 Personalized Video is leading the online video revolution, offering you the expertise to add personalized, new-customer-onboarding videos to your company’s marketing strategy. To get started, contact us at Silver6, and schedule a free demonstration. We will give you a personalized ”look under the hood” to see this video software in action, and learn how it can significantly improve how you do business.

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